Bent Edges :-/

Just got back to Blender after about 7 months and opened one of my file sin the new 2.71 and spotted that oen of my edges is “bent” when the Subsurf is applied (at level 2).
here’s the edge, normal view

note no vert in its length etc,
here’s the SS’d version:

why that sharp bend? a curve i could understand but that’s a distinct dogleg. i dissolved and knifed it back in, it did the same, so how can i get rid of this effect to get smooth geometry?


All your edges are being bent, that polygon is just particularly long so the bend is more obvious. Try to model so that the length and width of polygons used in organic shapes are the same. (Not necessary for mecahanical or architectural shapes because they’re usually square cornered so they subdivide into square cornered shapes)
In that particular case you could slide that vertex so it is in line with its neighbors in either axis. There seems to be no reason to have that zigzag in the base mesh that I can see.

Hard to say from the screenshot, but the whole vertical edge loop above the zig-zag looks a bit weird. Is that mesh truly closed (= all vertices merged) in that region? Try to box select the highlighted areas: Are those one or two vertices? Merge them if needed!

spot on mate, i had ripped verts apart somehow.
thanks for the help, much appreciated.