First post ever. Messing about with Blender/Yafray for about 2 years or so, on and off that is.
a simple image, i like the crisp and ´clean´ look. Tried to get the lighting right (2 areallights and a spotlight ) for the hdri image wich is projected on the glass vase.
Used Arbaro for the branches. Yafray for render.
Hope you like it.

C&C welcome.
Live and learn.


wow nice work. i like the reflections, very realistic. though would the berries really roll that far away from the vase?

Probably not, but they might?! :slight_smile: A little artisitc freedom. I did it more to balance out the picture. I found the right side quite ‘heavy’(for lack of better word). I hope you know what I mean.

Very nice! I like the lighting too.

The only thing I have an issue with is that I don’t get a sense of the weight of the berries. I like the slight weeping of the berry stems on the inner branches but, the berries on the outer branches seem to be just stuck on there.

Despite that, I still think it looks great. :smiley: