best 2d art program for win NT?

I have win XP but I have a old graphic tablet that are only compatible in win NT so I will Install it into my 3rd Partitions. But I would like to see if anybody here have any reccommendation of what I should look at so once I can use my tablet, I should be able to improve my workflow alot more easier by being able to draw out my ideas and makes textures easier and whatnot.

Does it have to be free? I’d pick Inkscape, Gimp, or Artrage. All are quite different from eachother, depending on what you’re doing.

Otherwise, I reccomend Photoshop (who doesn’t?)

Think Artweaver works on NT.

this only work on win 200 and xp,141,0,0,1,0
see bottom of requirement

yes it have to be free. I’m pretty much broke ight now trying to find a job.

Have you tried the tablet with xp? it seems strange that it only works for NT its usually the other way round. BTW how is the tablet connected to the pc?

it is a old serial tablet. I’ve seen some report of it working on XP but i’ve also seens reports of it being impossible to use on XP. and so far whenever i install the driver for the tablet and try to use it, the mouse only jigger all over the screens repeatly showing up the right click menu.

here is a link to a pic of the tablet I have.
:EDIT: extra link with more details

the only reason why i have this instead of a more standard usb one is cause i found this one in a thrift store for $2.50 and i’m nearly broke. I plans to buy a new one once I find a job.

beside, everytime i install the driver, I can’t seem to get the control panel program for it to work.

It depends what you mean by 2d art program. If you consider vector drawing programs in the category, I would have to say that xara extreeme is probably the best I have used ( nothing against inkscape which is top noch to but xara is simply better and faster). I like dogwaffle, the optipustics stuff is great for scene creation although artrage is not a bad package (if somewhat limited). The gimp is also good for flexibility (although is suffers from some minor anoyances).

Hmm, bit of a shame :(.

(But did you try it anyway? Just to see if it would or not. I know I’d try it regardless of what a website says. :confused:)

No need to install WinNT,
or did you see it working under NT? NT is definately no good choice for any serious (graphic) work.
Since it´s a used one it is still possible that the thing is just broken…

choose win2000
further down is installation doc for WinXP

Free Tools: - for drawing and texture creation and has pen sensitivity