Best 3D Human Models?

Hi all.

What’s the best place to get a 3D model of the human anatomy? Male and female?

I need one that’s very medically accurate.

I noticed that Zygote has some good ones but I wanted to know what you all think.

Any advice is appreciated.


Just following up on this. Can anyone help me out?

Well, those Zygote ones you linked certainly look impressive. They dont directly say what their prices are, so I assume probably very expensive.

Depending on what your use is, potentially these ones from CGTrader would work?

They are fairly cheap.

Blendswap is free, and often not super great, but there are some good things on there. For instance, this skull is very nice. and this heart (to my non medical expert eyes) looks pretty good.

I hope I helped. To a certain extent the best of anything is subjective, but I’m sure you want the most objectively accurate things you can find. Zygote seems like a really good option. But of course, I’m not a doctor, or a person who typically uses anyone elses models.

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Thanks a ton for the info and help!

I’m thinking I’ll go with Zygote. I’m sure they cost more but I need it to be top of the line.


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