Best approach for texuting a wooden boat hull

I’m about to model a wooden boat, but I’m undecided on the best approach concerning the texturing. I have two approaches for the modelling of the hull:
The first approach starts with a single plank. And then uses an array modifier and a curve modifier to form one side (the other will be mirrored). The bow will be done in the same way:

Then I have to bend the ends of the planks to the bow.
The second approach follows this tutorial:

What is the best approach for easy texturing? What techniques do you propose to use in the texturing? In which step should the texturing be applied (In the first approach I imagine it should be done before I bend the planks to the bow)?

Well I proceeded with the first approach. Though that resulted in a bit of a mess with the vertices. From afar it looks good enough. Since I will not use any close ups that’s OK.
What I’m not content with is the material which I used for the ropes. Again since it’s not close up it will do, but I still wonder how to do them better for a next time.
Link to the blend file follows.
Here an intermediate screenshot of the unfinished model:

Link to the blend file: