best Blender movies ever...


Can you tell me, where i can see good blendermovies. I don t want to see the animations from just 1 artist on each page. Do you know a gallery with much good blender movies?


try this one:
this is the site of shigeto maeda who’s making a movie in blender [i’m sure u guys all know ‘horus’ and ‘ka ra’ but this is a <i>must </i>for every blender user, so i posted it anyway :)].

“hey, i just realized that there aren’t much blender movies yet… hmm”


see if you can find diditdoneit.mpg somewhere, it was a demo of work at NeoGeo using Blender professionally in 1996

@andy, sorry i didn t found any movies on the page…

Are there any more?? i think so…

zweistein wrote:

@andy, sorry i didn t found any movies on the page…

go to
open the flash page
click on “laboratory”
then “blender lab”
and here they are! :slight_smile:


Oh, yeah… thank you.

it is not good, that you have to watch them in that small flash screen…


i bet you guys wanna meet shigeto don’t u??? :stuck_out_tongue:

yup, why not? I think ‘horus’ is the best blender movie ever made, don’t u agree?
But I’m still waiting for some new movies… come on guys, launch blender and make a blender movie :).


if you’re looking for character animation.

i had the honor of meeting him hehe :slight_smile: in the first GBUC

Don’t forget this one:

Lyubomir Kovachev