Best configuration for 2020

Good morning, everyone,

After several years as a graphic designer, I wish to come back to my youth love by practicing again 3D modeling and rendering under Cycles in the field of architecture.

But I don’t know where to go for a PC configuration around 1500€.

Can you help me ?

Thanks in advance,
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Nvidia 2070 super, Ryzen 3700X, 32 GB of DDR4 for full system. Though with that kind of money, I would really look around if I could squeeze in Nvidia 2080 Ti. The price is already 2/3 of your budget tho.

Hi, and welcome to BA forums.

When you say 1500€, it’s only for the tower, right? Do you need any peripherals too?

Thanks for anwser me.

Just the tower. Maybe this one ?

Oh, you want a prebuilt system? Or just the configuration?

If you can build it by yourself, something like this would good for the budget

For something ready to use, something like this would be OK

Not necessarily a pre-built configuration. Is there a big difference in price between an assembled model and a model to be assembled?

Thank you for your answer in any case.

It depends. In this price range (~1500€), you can find a prebuilt system with roughly the same specs with a premium of around 10-20%, depending on who’s building it. A branded system, i.e. from HP or Dell, will always be more expensive compared to an system assembled in a local store or a smaller local brand, but these large companies offer a superb after-sales support, have local dealers in many countries, so, they charge more for that.

Okay, I totally understand.

If i want a prebuilt model ? My precedent link is good ? Or the HP Pavillon is better ?

My choice.