Best export format for 3DS Max 8?

I’m working on modding a game by changing the 3d models in it. However the game uses Granny 3D files for the animations and models, and Blender doesn’t have a .gr2 exporter.

Right now I am creating models in Blender and exporting them as a .3ds file, then importing the .3ds files into 3DS Max 8 to then export as a .gr2. The problem is that when I import the files into 3DS Max 8 I have to re-add the texture and bones, plus the UV map doesn’t come over so the texture is off. I was wondering of there was another export format I could use that would keep the texture/UV maps/bones/animation when I import it into 3DS Max 8?

.fbx can export bones and keyframes. I don’t know for sure Max 8 has an .fbx importer, but I imagine it does.

If it is just a model, LWO still works well too.

Sorry for the late reply, I have been rendering stuff all week and haven’t had the time to try it out.

I exported as an Autodesk (.fbx), but when I was in 3ds Max 8 it only had Alias (.fbx). When I tried importing it in 3ds Max, a message popped up that said “An error has occured and the application will now close. No scene changes have occured since your lase save.”

In regards to the .lwo, Blender only has an .lwo importer but no exporter.

Is my only option to learn how to use 3ds Max?

The .fbx export from blender 2.49 should be compatible for Max 8, even normal .fbx files from current Max won’t be.
Depending on how complex the mesh and armature is your blender 2.6 file may or may not work in the earlier version. When you open the file in blender 2.49 you will immediately get a warning, just press on it. Any animations you have made will most likely not work.