Best FPS Controls

(TorQ) #1

Hello all!

I just started working on a game and I was wondering if people could list examples of the best first person shooter controls that have been created in Blender. If you could post links to any of the Blender files I would appreciate it!! Thanks!


(saluk) #2

Soldier down at

It’s generally a good idea to stick to standard controls as the control system has been more or less perfected for the genre. Although, not to stifle creativity, as there could always be a better more innovative control scheme out there somewhere, waiting to be discovered.

(Pooba) #3

There haven’t been a lot of FPS here, but the best i think is WASD for forward, backward, strafe right and strafe left, the mouse rotate, E use, and R reload.


(TorQ) #4

I’m sorry that I wasn’t clear, what I am looking for is how to set up the logic bricks to create the standard FPS controls. Thanks for all your replies so far!


(Pooba) #5

Oh! that’s not hard. i think you can probably figure it out. Just set up the controls like i said with logicbricks connected to the motion acuators.

(saluk) #6

Again, you can take a look at my logic bricks in soldier down, although I do use some python and I don’t really remember how complicated it was. Does anyone still have maharaja? I think it used rather simple logic bricks that could be studied.

Python will be a necesity for mouse controls however.

Good luck!

(Pooba) #7

It really isn’t hard. Just mess with it until you like it.