best free online game

Yes one more fav thread
mine is a game called
what is yours?

Mine are:
Trackmania Nations
S4 League
Battlefield Heroes

There’s few that really stand out for me, I get bored real easily with online games and I never play them all the time. Though there’s this new racing game on that seems like it is pretty fun.

I like any original physics based ones.

Like Polluted Planet. Kotsoft’s really a genious.

Trackmania Nations Forever. Even if you have to pay money for it, it’s worth every penny.

I really like Trackmania, and Tremulous.
There also is a fairly new game called Nanoshooter…

Requiem bloodymare! Kill those Koonts , and level up!!

i play a lot of subspace/continuum (not that much anymore)
i tried a few others, but they really didn’t stick.
i’ve played a few flash adventure games that were cool, but forgot the names.

some flash games i really liked was
fantastic contraption

may you post a link?

I liked fantastic contraption also!
There was a really fun game called platform racing somewhere…

Ben playing Battlefield Heroes for last couple of hours…pretty cool everybody cusses each other out its funny…

I really like Trackmania, and Tremulous.

You play Tremulous 0.o I need to download that again and try n’ play some o’ you guys sometime.


There is a really fun free game called Soldat as well…

Tremulous is crazy…

Crazy fun!
Has a bit of a learning curve though. :confused:
(dretch head-biting is so much fun!)

Just for something semi-mindless:

It’s a puzzle/“Lemonade Stand” type game called Fishdom. There are two objects: complete each level by clearing the gold and silver squares in the grid (by matching rows of three fish, seashells, etc. similar to Bejeweled if you are familiar with that). With each level completed you earn “money” to go toward building an aquarium (to purchase fish, tank equipment, decorations, etc.). It might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but I like it, as I said at the beginning, for something that isn’t too taxing on the brain. :smiley:

EDIT: Do any of you guys remember “Lemonade Stand”?

I love it

best free online game is… T H E G A M E
and you just lost it!

Oh sh!t… I lost. :frowning: I was on a role too. :mad:

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