Best Free Render Farms For Blender?

I’m working on a group animation in Blender for school, and obviously there will be time constraints. I’d like to find a good free render farm I could use to save us some time on our project.

Could you recommend a free render farm that I could use? Please include pros, cons, reasons why, etc.

It might come as a surprise to you, but the amount of entities willing to provide you computational resources at their expense is rather limited.
I’m aware of offering free trials and offering a public distributed rendering service. Apart from that, offers very inexpensive rendering services for blender users.

Fox render is not free,but it’s a cheap one could help you,or you can chat with them firstly,other ways of cooperation maybe also helpful.
Good luck.

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Also, you might want to check out RenderWeb ( I’ve not personally used it, but I know a few Blender artists who have and they’ve seemed to be pretty pleased. Basically, it allows you to use your Facebook friends (and a modest extended network) as a personal render farm over the web.

If your school can offer you computing power you can hear with them if you can set up a distributed rendering network to render overnight.

Blender has some networking options already but I don’t know if it extends to other render engines than BI, i also remember someone here on BA releasing a very cool free networking manager for Blender. I’ll try to find it but I think it may be buried deep under the huge amount of threads here.

I’m sorry, I should have specified in the original post, I’m looking for ones like, they are free because they use public distributed rendering. Of those kinds of render farms, which are the best?

I solved the problem on my own, I began to use vSwarm. It’s a perfect fit for my needs.

EDIT: It appears vSwarm doesn’t currently support Cycles, very weird as Cycles has been out for a while now. Advice?