Best game engine to go with Blender

Anyone interested in UE4: now’s a good time to get started. The Epic Megajam ( is in 5 days and I’m also considering joining. Didn’t finish my Ludum Dare entry so maybe better luck this time as I have actually some experience with the engine.

Yeah mate, I’m well aware of the power and flexibility of BP. :wink: I was more advising the OP to create a prototype first in BP rather than jumping straight in to a full game, which 99% of the time ends in frustration.

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No worries. Vanilla BGE is quite underdeveloped, although to be fair I’ve seen some decent things made with it. Sintel and Yo Frankie! don’t look all that bad to me.


Yes i do agree with what you said since starting to code straight in to make a game is pretty tedious and even pure programmer are often using blueprint for the ease of use.

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Hey Saint and Musashidan, I appreciate the words of wisdom. There is a smaller (very tiny) title I can work on. With any vital luck I will be able to take in enough to make my investments back and also generate enough funds to get something started in the right direction to getting the larger project(s) completed.

yeah … i’ll just use whatever is blender integrated ! Armory has a grate node system, but i have both upbge-eevee and armory in my comp, dont know witch is better. Im hoping developers will come together and create the ultimate game engine inside blender, is what i would donate for ! what i need for now inside blender game is level of detail, or a scene overlay so i can optimize stuff, i need a car simulator with all the options ( from clutch to open doors and lights, and dashbord ), a tutorial on how to blend animations, but not only the basics one … i need like 20 animations in a character blended, cause last time some of my animations jumped straight from one to another, and i need some sky setup with moving clouds and lighting, and day night cycle (tutorial or blend ) ! we got lights inside blender now we got modeling animations movies and texturing and baking and everything, now we need to create games from start to finish, is what i do, for hobby !

I have used all of them,
Godot is really not that great at 3d,
Armoury seems to be a mess to get to actually even work, panda is nice but nothing beats upbge_0.3

It needs about a year at current pace to be “finished”
(overlays/soft body etc)

and another year after to be surpassing or matching unity and unreal.
(ataa and gpu armature skin/shadow options ie static etc)

It is already king of wysiwyg,
However everything nodes project will make it God of wysiwyg.

Armory does not seem that bad to me. If you want to use blender to develop a game and release it on multiple platforms, Armory can do it. I believe and correct me if I am wrong (Note: I am aware of your history of bias in favor of the BGE), the upbge is just turning blender itself into “the game”. This opens up a can of worms for any developer that would want to publish their game for profit on multiple platforms. Wouldn’t the game itself have to be “open” in one way or another?

So with that observation, and I could be wrong, that alone makes it less of a serious engine when compared to Armory. I don’t know how you can then claim the upbge will match or surpass Unity and Unreal. I’d be happy to be proven wrong but statements like that just come across as “fanboyish” and not realistic.

Upbge sounds like a neat project, great for learning, yet it does not seem practical for serious game development but that’s just my first impression.

i’v used armory … while it looks promissing, it crashes a lot, haxe language is a language i dont know, there are some tutorials about how to blend some basic animations on a character and some nodes … homie a game is more than that ! we need documentation about optimizations, levels of details, coding lights how to this and how to that, cause in some cases you just want to learn from a tutorial and do it, type on youtube, how to, and there is a tutorial or more about that particular case, we need a community so we can share ideas, where is that armory3dartist.etc ? to share our opinions. armory has like 1 year of release or so and has some basic tutorials, but we all know that is not enough. ill just wait for upbge to start doint things with eevee, cause upbge has some finished projects and some people that already work with, and, on it ! so armory is an preparation (‘get used to program’) till upbge comes in ! a game engine is no easy task. guess after the official release of 2.8 in november and a stable version, upbge will come in and do it’s thing, till then, we can use whatever is on the internet, but i personally used and use bge and upbge the most ! once there will be a stable version of upbge 3.0 i’ll just feel more confortable about not saving so often, untill then whatever i work in blender goes in upbge 3.0 for testing for now ! oh and armory was a payed version before the free one, so was armory paint ! guess was some kind of payed wannabe commpetition to bge-upbge ! now that is free … dont think will do the job at the end, cause there is no interest ! blender community needs no interest to create ! as you know artists leave far from the material world ! is why art is priceless ! i’m not saying armory paint and game engine cant get better, but i doubt it would manage to do what blender does ! and i dont think there a single program out there that does that blender does !

To multiply your problems. Wanna be on consoles? Deal with licensing, certification, regulations, maybe an obligatory NDA or two, and you still have to port all your stuff to a system that probably can’t read any of your shaders right. Manageable if you have a more experienced team or can afford to just outsource the thing. But small indies looking to gain a footing? I dunno man, the process can be painful.

It’s all bullsheezels anyhoo. Pick a target platform and design for it or be stuck frankensteining, totally just my opinion. Armory looks really promising, but it aims to be the professional alternative in an environment mainly inhabited by tiny studios and first-time developers. It won’t fly.

That aside, it’s a great engine and I could be doing lots of crazy things with it right now if I wasn’t too busy avoiding ever writing scripts in haxe unless paid. Py-riorities.

This reads more like you are trying to convince yourself of why upbge is worth using, while Armory is not, and it comes across more like rambling than a well reasoned thought process. This is not really addressing the content of my post either.

“Art is priceless” “Armory was a payed version before the free one” “payed wannabe competition to the BGE”
I don’t even know how to respond to that nonsense. It is a semi-desperate sounding post full of emotional posturing, no offense. It has very little substance inside. Also did you forget Blender was also a paid piece of software before it went free and open source?

Armory uses logic nodes as well, so if you can’t learn Haxe for whatever reason, then use the former. Same goes with the BGE, logic nodes + python. I’m pretty sure if someone can pick up python, they can quickly pick up Haxe as well. This isn’t a team vs team battle, just think logically.

I think you are over exaggerating what goes into that process. First of all, it is still nice to have to have options when it comes to which platform your game (if serious) can go onto. Secondly, the process has become very easy, and often times its offset simply by getting a publisher. There are many instances of a game, done by a small team or even one person, taking off and finding its way on multiple platforms. Sometimes it can be “painful” as you put it, other times extremely easy.

Forager (Godot), Stardew Valley, The Binding of Isaac, Hotline Miami (game maker), Nidhogg (game maker), Super Meat boy, Dead Cells (Haxe based)…ect are examples of this. Some of these games, that were quite successful, were in fact done by those “tiny studios and first-time developers”. If they can do it in other engines, then by all means Armory offering the same kind of range is not necessarily going to be ignored.

Many engines, such as Unity, Unreal, and Game Maker have export options specifically for console compatibility. There is no “frankensteining” involved, whatever that is supposed to imply.

Again its not as difficult as you are making it sound. It is mostly going to boil down to being a limitation on the engine + compatibility itself. Some people can even export games from certain engines for console use without official publication as well, like loading up a game through homebrew or other means.

The options are there for a serious game developer, I suppose that’s what it comes down to.

when i started this ‘hobby’ did not know nothing about a texture, and what’s the difference between 2 or 4k, i owned a laptop with no dedicated video card ( now i owe a powerful desktop station, but that’s not the point ). i started to search a game engine and there were all this payed versions of every fancy ones, that did’nt work on my laptop! than the humble blender and bge came into place, with texture rendering and no pbr, i was so excited. started learning step by step reading all about and moving the cursor and the cube and stuff and slowly i got in to moving the first cube with logic nodes. yeah and i get sentimental about this. after i managed to move arround the screen, problems started to occur, like cube dissapearing and normals and mip mapping and lighting and … than i got my first scene, all of this time all the propaganda against blender made me sick about other programs, the bge program helped me out in maybe some of my hardest time of my life. every where i searched for tutorials there were other programs showing off and anti-blender propaganda laughing and making jokes about it, trying to convince me to quit ! i did not and will never quit ! so yeah im sentimental about blender, and i got so dissapointed that bge has been cut off . and since then every day i search the internet for an integrated game engine into blender that is part of the blender team ! armory … is this blender team related program, or unreal related program trying to convince me to switch and quit again ? i dont know, i found it in my desperate search over the internet for a blender integrated game engine, maby it does the job, but if upbge is a blender team related and armory not, whatever happens i go with upbge ! my money are on blender team, on all the subsidiary!

I don’t like threads like these, but oh well…

and anti-blender (anti-bge) propaganda laughing and making jokes about it

BGE is old, and didn’t get much traction. BGE is not production ready, you have to figure a lot regarding export, and even in terms of base features it is lacking.

UPBGE did maintain the BGE, and fix issues (but also add new ones) and add new features. But Ton decided to move on with Blender and not focus as badly on the game aspect. In my opinion it makes sense: Don’t overspread in terms of focus. So Blender is now focusing on animation in general, and dumped the gaming aspect, since when it first started making the BGE, different alternatives came to be (Unity, UE4, yada yada).

but if upbge is a blender team related and armory not, whatever happens i go with upbge ! my money are on blender team, on all the subsidiary!

I don’t know who you will give that money to, but the Blender Foundation might not do anything related to a game engine for now :slight_smile:

It has been some years now that UPBGE’s development turned independent.

But I can understand the emotion, I loved BGE, but after digging and pushing more and more realized that I was better off playing with something else if I wanted to distribute games for a living.

BGE/UPBGE as of today is nice for experiments/prototypes/demos, but very hard to properly package and distribute as commercially viable games.

Also, GPL: Any source code linking directly or indirectly to the bge module must be GPL as well. So you will have to also distribute your non-obfuscated sources with your product. Depending on the way you wanted to distribute your game, GPL might be a problem for you (it can also not be a problem).

So it all depends on what you want to achieve: If you want to sell your game, BGE might not be the best engine to go with Blender, because of the constraints it poses on you. It is well integrated though, for sure.

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Some people are more concerned with engines Than making games, just pick one and learn.


Oh, I’m not downplaying the importance of being able to choose which platform to target, rather saying one should target one specific; making a game available on as many platforms as possible is not more important than making the game itself is what I was getting at. Controls and mechanics being oversimplified for the sake of a port, for instance – having to butcher the design more than I normally would gets on my nerves. All in all, I’ve had some bad experiences, perhaps the landscape is a bit gentler nowadays and I’m just being bitter about it.

Also a small studio composed of first-timers can come up with quality stuff and of course that’s true, what I’m saying is these are the people who are more likely to consider Armory as an option, not big bad developers who’ve been using the same tech for ten or so years. I enjoy me some gameboy color/SNES throwbacks or whatever indie farts all the games you’ve listed classify as, but if that’s what you’re shooting for graphically maybe you wouldn’t bother with a fully 3D engine in the first place. Vast majority of people looking into 3D go for Unity or Unreal anyways.

EDIT: haxe is a great language! I simply refuse to deal with it’s syntax for no pay.

juss pack it and charge for the .rar brah

i see … i’ll use upbge ! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: ! as a mather of fact im already using it ! :wink:

maybe it will come better or not … but untill my 15 km city with interior buildings game is ready, i’m sure they will figure it out how to export or publish … or whatever ! and im learning more day by day !

Godot Engine is an MIT-licensed fully-featured rapidly-developing multiplatform game engine.

It’s quickly becoming more and more competitive with Unreal Engine or Unity.
Arguably in some aspects (for example the engine design, user interface and user experience with scripting) it arguably even surpasses the well-known two.

It works very well with Blender-made assets and gives you the same freedom you have with Blender (or even more - more on that below).

One problem with BGE was that Blender is licensed under GPL, so any binaries of your game you’d want to ship would have to come with the full source (which might bot be desirable in a commercial game release). Because Godot is licensed under MIT - you can release your game in binary form with out that obligation. It would still be nice of course :wink:


cause unreal is also open source and you dont have to publish with the full open source !

I really don’t know what you are trying to say, other than more emotional appeal. It is not rational. The BGE is not a life coach. I am glad it gave you something to focus on, and that is great. Nothing wrong with that, however remember it still software. Software is a tool. Don’t turn a tool into a lover or tie it to your very psychological well being. It is no less a tool than a hammer or an email client.

I think the BGE is a great option for learning game logic for example, interacting with blender in a fun way but at the same time don’t trick yourself into thinking it is the only thing for you or that it is something it is not. It is just a software solution, a tool, a feature and it is not the only existence that does the same thing. Tools do not need your faith or religious like loyalty. It is not healthy to treat them in that way.

As for propaganda, one could argue that your emotional appeals towards the BGE is also “propaganda”, but lets be honest here. That wording is hyperbolic. There are legitimate criticism for Blender as well as its game engine, especially in the past. In turn many Blender users were going around trash talking other software, professionals, or just being religious zealots online which created a bad image.

Do you know why this thread exist? Because fanboy behavior was harming Blender’s image in the larger field of CGI. We don’t want to repeat that.

Finally, the UPBGE is separate from Blender now just as Armory is, however everyone is still in the same circles. You do not have to tie yourself to anything you think you believe the BF’s money goes into, which is this case is apparently neither thus your reaction is a bit…weird.

As for Armory, it was enough for the designer to get an official speaking role at Blender Con. That’s worth something in your eyes right?

It is not FOSS in the way you are thinking. This is from an Epic employee (former) regarding the UE4 “Yep, just to clarify, it is not technically “open source” it’s just a very very easily available source code. Yes, there is a difference”.

They opened up the code but the licensing type is still the same. You have to understand the differences in license types. Blender code cannot find its way into a non open source application like Maya or C4D, but Cycles (render engine) which is licensed as Apache can, and is found in C4D. Its all about the license.