Best Media Player?

What is the best media player for windows? I need ont that plays .ogg’s and has artist - cd title - whatever sorting. Free too.


I use winamp, low requirements, runs smooth, plays ogg and everything else just fine. Can get it down to a tiny, tiny size too.

The library is pretty good too.


“Classic Media Player” - from Edskes Codec Pack

Winamp x 1000

I’m addicted to the extension for Firefox that allows me to adjust volume and control the player from my browser window. Winamp doesn’t have a lot of the crap that Windows Media Player has that you don’t need and I think the skins are much better.

I used to use Foobar2000, as it supports TONNES of formats by default, including ogg, flac, ape, aac, mod etc, has a really low memory usage, and also database support.

I recently changed to a player called MusikCube though, as it supports those formats too (via downloadable format plugins), and also has this neat feature called ‘dynamic playlists’, where you can generate playlists using sql queries, as the database is stored in sqlite.

Oh, and I love foxytunes too. :smiley:

I’d have to go with Winamp too.

VLC, Supports all formats you may think about. Works both on Windows and Linux. Simply love it!

Definitely WinAMP! Best player ever!


The Best For Windows : Winamp
The Best Ever: Amarok. :slight_smile:

The newest version of winamp makes my computer go fubar. I can’t play games while listening to winamp. Cause it somehow takes up all my processing power.

If you want winamp go for an older version.


I use vlc media player for almost everything. Its pretty good.

i’m going to use winamp because people mostly say winamp or vlc and i already have vlc player but dont really like it for all my songs. and the new winamp dosnt slow down my computer and only uses 10mbs of ram instead of 30 for mediaplayer

XMPlay! It’s (much) smaller, and is not a memory hog. Internal library and Ogg support, too.

I use the old “mplayer2” which is windows media player windows98 style. It has nothing u don’t need. Also I use bsplayer, and sometimes media player classic. But mplayer2, yeah, that’s it.

I mostly use VLC ('cause it plays almost anything)
“Anything it can’t play, is not worth playing.”
In some version between the old version I had running, and the current version, they even added support for play wmv’s (VirtualDub used to have this support, but had to drop it as MS complained).


I second that. :smiley:

Winamp is my favourite on Windows, for playing music. Video and other stuff I mainly go with VLC.


I use VideoLAN because I think it’s the best player! :smiley:
You can also play DVD’s with it, ogg divx and so on…

what about the mplayer windows port? I use it for videos, for music i use winamp

MPlayer for windows is hard to setup if I remember correctly. It’s not exactly click click installing!