Best method to model a car?

Hi, I’ve been using Blender 2.5 for about a year now and figure it’s about time i make a car. My car of choice is the Audi s3. I got a hi-res vector image off the-blueprints, and I was wondering what the best approach to the model would be. Should I box model it, or make it from a plane? what’s best if I want to use this in the game engine?

Thanks in advance,


I generally work on car from box. Sub divide and form shape from simple to complex. Using Mirror modifier is a must. And keep car body contour as simple as possible and let the Subsurf modifier smooth things out.

Here is my WIP. There are relatively few vertices so that I can still manipulate the shape quickly. I don’t like the hood mesh divisions however; too many to control fine curvature easily.

I hope I’m not derailing the thread. If you think I am, hawk3ye, please say so.

ridix, great model! I’m particularly interested in the wheel areas. Could you tell me when and how did you “intrude” the faces? Can you also attach bottom and rear wireframes? Thank you.