Best mouse for Blender?

my mouse seem have problem and I want to buy a new one.
I use a very standard 3 button mouse.
Does it exist better tool than a basic 3 button mouse for 3D applications like blender?
What mouse (or other tools) do you use?

Personally I use a vertical mouse to counter RSI.

Besides being vertical it also has a couple of buttons which I have programmed to execute frequently used functions.
It also has a 4 directional thumb stick which is pretty much the same as having 4 buttons under the thumb.

Lots of people use Wacom and similar pens but I never got used to it.

I tried a trackball recently but couldn’t get used to it either.

Then there are special 3D navigation devices - 3Dconexxion makes them for example - which I tried once for a while. Like with pens and trackballs I appear to be too stupid to use it but some people love them.

At least 90% of professionals use a standard 3 button mouse.

You could buy an Orbit mouse but i think it is better to buy a standard mouse and save a bit to buy a drawing tablet.

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Yes, a standard mouse is very fine. But if you like customization and feel nerdy I sometime see people with special mouses filed with buttons and gamer keyboards, all that highly customized and tied to a lot of addons.

The only downside is that they struggle a bit more when working in a company, they comes with their hardware every morning and are highly dependent on a custom configuration. In return you can’t use their blender to help them if at some point they’ve got an issue on something, it’s too different.

I tend to rely on standard hardware and I don’t customize blender too much, so it’s easier to work everywhere. But you should do what feels right for you in the first place !

And yes, having a tablet is a good thing to have even if you don’t use it on a regular basis.