Best of Blender


I have seen some very impressive things from the Blender community … and just from this site … so far !

I think it would be great to have a forum for the ‘Best of Blender’, with possible subcategories of 3dStill, 3dAnim, 3dEffects, Rigged Characters , Tutorials (maybe a separate forum?) … or any other ideas.

Or at least add to this thread and maybe make it a sticky ? :slight_smile:

The idea being for newbies (like me) a central place to see the WOW stuff right off the bat, and attract more users.

I’ve only started exploring this site, but here are a few ‘gems’ I’ve found so far :

Project Orange

Character Rigs



Horse Model and Rigg

Calvin’s A.J. Rig


Ludwig Support Thread

Ludwig Walk Tutorial

Mouse Rig



Cute Bear



W.I.P. Forum
Forearm and hand bones 4/8 update adding muscles and posed

Finished Projects

Python -


I think that there was something similar to this in the old forum. It was called “Post your best render”, but there was no filtering of the posts so there were some very good images, and some not so good. I agree that making a gallery of chosen finished projects made by Blender is going to take this forum to another level. Something like the CGtalk choice gallery…

Well, for finished work, there is always

and of course the Gallery at

For the other stuff, go ahead, make a website and surprise us. Of course the difficulty is not in collecting the material and creating the initial site/list but lies in keeping it up to date!! (Many have tried. Almost all have failed…)

What about Python Scripts and Code Patches, or are those not considered WOW enough?



you have a very good point. that should be done. this will help to collect the best scripts and make access to them easier, including finding them!

Once Timothy and Goofster get the new site design finalized, we will be pulling together images for the gallery, scripts and tutes as well into a more centralized space here.

It will just take some time on our parts is all.


Man, this new forum sucks. I want to change the colours and stuff… Maybe I find it somewhere.

Falgor, you’re in the wrong thread. Read the sticky.

Great !

It would be nice if the finished projects forum was subdivided into 3d stills/ 2d stills / 3d anims /2d anims … like that “other” website :slight_smile:

As far as site “design” goes, I much prefer the brighter look around here now, that orange and black was very depressing :wink: … Ideally each user could setup whatever color scheme they wanted in their control panel… I don’t know if Vb supports that.


Scripts ya, … Notable code patches would be great if there was a sticky. Also a sticky thread pointing to the latest CVS “bleeding edge” version is a good idea.

Which is why I said " … or any other ideas." :slight_smile:


See my Parrots. They are flying using setQuat()
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2009 ?

Why not head over to here:
That’s something we can enjoy today.

Ooh, I was nominated for something.:smiley: How about a section for traditional art (anatomy, sculpture, 2d animation, sketches) and tutorials. Cgtalk uses a Star system, but a nominated thread system might be better. Although I’m sure you might hurt a few people’s feelings too, that’s always a risky area.

No idea to ask. I asked about a half year ago, I even started a new thread about it, they said they were going to give us one. But do we have any? NO:(

Here is the thread