Best path for a complete novice in scripting?

I know that blender has several simple limitations that could probably be easily solved by scripting (like modify properties of many objects at once, my current struggle) and I am wondering if I should take this path.

I know nothing of programming or scripting. Can you guys suggest me the best way to go from zero to doing simple things with scripts in blender 2.57+?

I guess there are very few good tutorials since scripting in blender 2.5 became stable only very recently. That is why I come here for help. Since I know nothing, I might spend a lot of time learning tutorials that I might see that would not work. Also, I need something very easy to understand. Most things I find around the net suppose the reader has some previous knowledge.

Finally, how long do you guys think it would take me to be able to do simple but useful things? I fear that the learning curve from zero to something might be too big. If that is the case I would rather look for pre-made solutions to my problems.

Thanks for any answer in advance.

i dont know the scripting but i do know googling. i think what you want already exists.

when you need something there is a good chance somebody else needed it too and the solution may already exist. always check amd see if what you need is already there. but learningscripting is still a great idea, eventually you may need something theres not a premade solution to.

learn pthon, look at the blender api and all the scripts that come with blender.

and look at

For just Python basics, look here, there’s tutorials and references.

Thanks for all the answers and sorry for taking so long for me to answer.

rdo3, that script is almost what I want. It tooke me a long time to understand it, and I am still not sure I do, but it solved many problems. Thanks.

kilon, I will start those video tutorials. This seems to be good, directed at beginners. As far as I saw, he does mention some comparisons with other languages as if we knew, but it seems to be very friendly.

The other posts assume there is some previous knowledge, but I have none.

no I think it target absolute beginners, most python tutorials target absolute beginners since most beginners coders prefer python as their first and only language for its simplicity.

And by the way your art kick ass, I love it. Lovely vibrant colors and alot of skill too. If you need any help dont be afraid to ask, there are no bad questions only bad answers.

Also do not forget to check out the example templates that are available directly from the Text window menu. Create a text window and click the word Text then Script Templates when it pops up. Operator Simple and Panel Simple are a great place to put test code.