Best pc for blender animation/rendering?

Blender 3d 2.9+ turns off my pc on a regular basis - my pc is fairly old so I am considering buying a new one, with Nvidia Kudo etc.
-seems to me that there are a lot of pcs at the price of approx 500 dollars with
NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 1650 SUPER™ (4 GB GDDR6 dedicated)

And there are some pcs at approx 800 dollars(which is pretty expensive to me…) with

  • NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 12 GB
    I wonder whether it makes a big difference whether I buy the one or the other - both pc types are refered to as “gaming” computers - but I “just” need for a decent Blender 3d pc that can handle complex scenes in blender without crashing as is the case with my present pc.
    BTW: does anyone have a concrete stationary pc model that they would recommend??

800 for a system with 3060? Where??

A 3060 is a massive step up from the 1650 in terms of performance. I generally wouldn’t consider a 1650 practical for most thing due to its low memory as well.

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If you are short of money, I would pump up PC with RAM and render on the CPU. For instance you can get 32GB of memory for $164 plus or minus a couple of bucks with a rebuilt Z97 motherboard for less than $150. Your trading speed with time, but just render at night and when you wake up if everything goes right, you have your rendered images on the cheap.