Best Scale for Human-sized Models

I hope this is the right forum for this topic.

I am wanting to model objects that are within the size of the human body: vehicles, clothings, furniture, etc.

I am wondering what a good scale would be to use, cause I have read that SSS, lighting, and other aspects of Blender are scale sensitive.

What would a good Blender Unit to Real World Measurement scale be? milimeters, inches, whatever?

Thanks ahead of time.

AFAIK the most commonly-used scale is 1 BU = 1 meter, that seems to be what the Cloth sim is based on, and others as well from what I’ve read on this forum.

Have a look at the scale property in the SSS subwindow. From the Blender wiki:

Scale The scale of your object, in Blender units, across which you want the scattering effect to take place. For the presets scale 1.0 means 1 Blender unit equals 1 millimeter, scale 0.001 means 1 Blender unit equals 1 meter.

Also: Don’t miss the “Skin Shading using multi-layered SSS” article in BAM #16

Mats, this is helpful for SSS, which does seem to have a proper scaling factor built into it (i.e., it can account for differently-scaled models, unlike the Cloth sim) but it doesn’t provide any guides as to the optimum scale to be used for a model. Looks to me like you “fit” the SSS to your model, whereas it seems the OP wants to “fit” his model to the most useful Blender Unit scale.

A definitive statement in the manual by those in the know (devs) of what scale considerations are used in such processes as Cloth, Soft Body, Fluid and other physics-based features would be helpful in resolving a lot of guesswork. From some of the settings (such as the Gravity default in Cloth), the assumption of 1BU = 1m is a fair guess but whether that’s a universally-applied factor is not all that clear.