Best Software for Physics Simulation?

I would be interested to use animation software to simulate collision physics of rigid bodies that follows the laws of nature. I would like to use this for scientific experiments. Is this possible at all?
I know that Blender, Unity and Unreal Engine have physics engines. Are their others more? I would be delighted to see how you guys in one or more of these engines would simulate the intermediate axis theorem.
A brief description of this question (challenge) is given at and what I accomplished yet is available here IntermedAxis2.blend (926.6 KB)

check houdini from sidefx


Does one of you eventually have Houdini and could you check briefly if it can simulate the intermediate axis theorem? Thanks so much upfront!

houdini can simulate anything you can describe with points and VEX(its built in programming language), and blender can potentially do the same but you may have to combine addons like sverchok, sorcar, animation nodes with python to do it.

I managed to simulate the weird nut in Blender (as you see in Did you show us somewhere that Houdini can do it too?

if you can explain with math you can do it in houdini, full stop. this is what houdini was built to do.

btw keep the snark to yourself please, its obvious you know nothing of these softwares as if you did you would not have commented.

The poster of this question asked a real question and the answers provided are IMO the most relevent.

and you didnt even provide your file showing how you did it as i assume this is not your video.