Best start for blender noobs

Hi there

I am Marty and i am Sooo freshly new to blender that i just got it today and well decided to join a forum and here i am now… and this forum is great actuly for all the help and ideas but Wonder where should some one who start should go ?

i also am french and noticed there is no tutorial realy in french for the basic of blender also start doing so.

so i guess what i am tryint to say here is any volonteer with some free time to help me out on some project i am starting?


Have you got a project in mind? If not, one of the classic modeling tutorials is Jeanne D’Arc.

Unfortunately, the tutorial was written (in French) for Maya.

Fortunately, the tutorial was ported to Blender.

Unfortunately, the Blender version is written in English.

However, if you combine the French explanations of what to do with the English explanations of how to do it in Blender, you may have some success.

If you start work and post a Work in Progress thread, you can ask questions there, and I am sure people will be willing to help out.

Welcome to BlenderArtists :smiley:

Someone really ought to translate the official Noob to Pro tuts. They’re an excellent start.

Getting to know the interface and finding comfortable settings should help with whatever you do now and later. These are in english but should be easy to follow