Best Tutorials / Books for Material and Shader construction?

So I’m just starting working on materials and I was hoping I could get some recommendations for good learning resources regarding materials in Blender, and the OSL shader language.

So far all I’ve found is ‘Open Shading Language for Blender’ by Michel Anders.

Are there any other resources worth checking out?

For OSL, you need to read the language specification pdf (for me is the only document I need for scripting with OSL).
The OSL source has also plenty examples, thought not fancy shaders nor textures. Just enough to understand how the most uncommon features can be used.

As always, knowing a programming language is not usefull if you don’t know the enviroment you’re trying to model (in this particular case, making shaders). A good resource is the Book of Shaders, which covers quite a bit from all the basic math underneath up to commonly used textures (noise, voronoi, etc).

You can also find some shaders at Shane Ambler’s and Michel Anders’ Githubs.

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Thanks Secrop! That’s very useful.