Best unfailling cloud storage for my .blend files?

What is the best FREE cloud storage service?

I currently use file sharing sites like to backup my files because my PCs storage drive is getting old.

You do know that pasteall files have a lifetime and get deleted periodically?
Not to mention there’s no file management system.

Anyways. Pick your poison: onedrive(FKA Skydrive), GogleDrive, iCloud, Dropbox.
They are a nice choice simply because it’s no startup. You got Microsoft, Google and Apple behind it, Dropbox is established with lots of clients available and none of them is likely to vanish or go out of business anytime soon.

Still, the best solution is either to have a RAID in your system for redundancy and make regular backups locally - be it on your NAS, Homeserver or an external HDD.

Another option is to rent a host or rootserver, or host your own and simply use OwnCloud or Seafile.
OwnCloud requires any webhost with PHP/SQL, Seafile requires a root server.

But decentralized storage is only an issue if the loss of data is your biggest loss in case of the total destruction of your workplace by a fire, earthquake, whatever.

I use Copy and had zero problems, it also syncs the data seamlessly between all my machines. You get 15GB free and if you use my referral link we both get an extra 5GB. You can refer as many people as you like, getting 5GB free every time.

I use Google because it comes standard with a Google account.

Good. I’ll try those out.

or for 50 gb free space

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