Best way to create curved walls for arcviz projects?

Im working on a archviz project.
Im trying to create some curved walls, but im not sure what the best way is to do this… At the moment, i was thinking of making a nurbscurve and extruding the wall along this curve. Like this: (topview)

However, Im not sure how to create walls from this curve. The proper way so topology and stuff remains good and easy to apply textures to.

So basically, I want to turn this curve into a mesh, extrude it upwards, and make it thicker like a wall.

I tried converting it to a mesh and then extruding, but nothing happens…

How can I do this? And…is this even the best way to create curved walls for archviz?


are you talking about some specific shapes?
like parabola et circular doors or windows ?

can you more specific !

happy bl

Hi @Splitting_Atoms ,

" … I tried converting it to a mesh and then extruding, but nothing happens…" if you’ve converted a nurbs curve to a mesh with this:


The ‘Mesh from…’ selection, you then need to go into edit mode and select your spline-shape, then hit the ‘e’ key ( for extrude) , hit the ‘z’ key for z-axis ( upwards ) and drag up as far as you like.


Thanks for your reply.
I forgot to say im in 2.8 latest build

When I create a path or curve, I convert it to a mesh (object concext menu > convert to mesh
Then I go into edit mode, select everything and press E, then Z to move it upwards

but nothing extrudes… it just moves the curve upwards…

So I must be doing something wrong…


It’s the same in 2.8.
Are you sure you’re selecting the ‘Mesh from Curve/Meta/Surf/Text’ option ? You should be able to see if the nurb has become a mesh as it will no longer show as a curve in the properties panel:


Simply define NurbsPath Geometry (Bevel). You can also define wall profile with custom “Object” (using another “Curve”). This way you keep geo non-destructible or ‘procedural’.

eg: NurbsPath_Wall.blend (78.2 KB)

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