Best way to create terrain with multiple surfaces


This is a perplexing problem. When ever I used to make terrain I always used a procedural rock texture I made, which works for some things, but isn’t all that great for bigger terrains. But UV unwrapping is a little bit scary, especially if there’s a lot of it!

However, when I discovered texture painting, it opened up a whole new dimension of creation for me.

This is where it gets perplexing. My current way of creating terrains with multiple surfaces is to layer a bunch of masks through mix shaders with the textured shaders all set up before hand. Kinda like this…


I was wondering if there was a more effective way of doing this? On Poliigon, I’ve seen textures with ID maps, like the trash texture, where there are the shapes of the trash in different colors. Can something similar be applied to this? What is the best way to texture terrain? I know it’s easy in Unity… :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks! :slight_smile: