best way to earn 500$ in an yr.?

hi, i want to know what would be the best method for me to earn around 500$ in yr. time. :confused:I usually find only one hour of time for blending due to studies. i have intermediate modelling, texturing , rendering and composting skill. So do you think it would be possible for me to earn that amount in one yr. time?:rolleyes: what sould i go for sell models on turbo squid ? or some something else?:confused:
thank you

turbosquid is hard, i have been on it for a year and only made $100… But if you are up to it people can make huge amounts of money…

$500 is pretty simple to earn over a year - That’s a shade under $10 per week. My advice is this - I sell really well on TS, but that takes a while to get going. Find someone who needs some help, and get a little, informal part time job. My business partner and I hire guys sometimes to come in and clean the shop, and do grunt work. We only pay $8 per hour for unskilled labor, but it doesn’ take long to get to $500 that way.

here are some of my works to get you an idea of my skill.

  1. composting and material(ing) the irvine free rig:
  2. A lamp for my game frentic:
    some works are on my blog (link goes in my signature)
    actually these are a bit old and i think i and but better now but anyways just posted for reason even i dont know. :stuck_out_tongue:
    @3dmedial: oh thanxx! ill surely consider that.
    mm… can u explain a bit how to find ppl who need my help. :stuck_out_tongue:
    I visit BA forum very frequently but freelance opportunities here are few… (although i was able to get the freelance work from here and earn few bucks). :smiley:

Work for advertising agencies. Get to know the ones in your area and actually visit them. Walk in the front door, ask if there are tour opportunities, ask the receptionist who you would talk to about work. Be friendly, dress nice. Don’t sell yourself as a 3D artist. sell yourself as a designer. Incorporate your 3D work into your designs. Freelance you should be able to make $25-$50 an hour in USA even at the intermediate level.

Yes, agreed. You’ll just have to go out and meet people. Meeting people = creating opportunities. It doesn’t always have to be so formal either. Just keep business cards on you, and try to be outgoing (tough for me).

Concerning the non 3d work (easier to find jobs) - mow some lawns etc. Just ask around - without knowing your precise circumstances, it’s hard to give precise advise.

I create concept renderings for design students, and make pretty good money doing so. My new website:

Edit - remember, this site is for my renders and models of student designs, so I don’t have a lot of say in the actual designs. I just model and texture them, cleaning up details etc. Interpreting sketches. This is a good niche, and I make a few thousand a year - I’m doing really well this tear, so that number will be hire if things keep going.

Anywho, find a niche.

sell drugs… :eyebrowlift2:

Ah forgot mentioning thats another problem. :stuck_out_tongue: i cant go and fetch work in real world. Why? Becoz im a bot. XDDDD k jk i dont think there are that much oppurtunities in my city (no studios here) and also coz i simply dont have time todo that! I mostly interested in web-based work. Maybe im asking a bit too much, i hope i dont start irritating you guys. I initially had a ton of time at start of this yr. Which i 101% wasted and now it dawned upon me that i need traing dvds and new phone. :frowning: ok so which place is good to sell what? Turbo squid for small props. Daz 3d for characters? What about cars? Do u think it might be a good idea to model and sell cars for something low like 60$?

Well if there’s no studio’s in a city, I want to move there and start a business. Lots of companies like to use local designers, that way they can have a face to face chat about designs and concepts and really get what they want.

Here’s something you can do if you have a decent-ish printer. Put together a a small leaflet and print off as many as you can, then, target businesses in your local area. “But they will just put that junk in the bin!” They would certainly do that, unless its inside a hand written envelope, EVERYONE opens hand written envelopes because it looks personal :wink:

Hmm… Maybe i shud stick only to selling models online for now. Thanks. Btw the which place for what kind of model remains still unanswered, so i pls enlighten me bout that.

P.s lol i dont even have a printer.

it’s hard to sell models…


google warehouse!

so if you are to make selling them your business you’d be best researching it yourself…

find out which sites offer which models and for how much… note that a model selling for $60 dollars usually means at the very most $30 for the creator.

Usually the popular models are set up and ready to go in 3ds max, you’re not selling a model your selling an asset… model, textures, realistic materials… just drop it in and it should look great with no effort from the end user…

That means a LOT of work and because max is proprietary you’ll need a copy of max! (and knowledge of how to set the scene up right!)
You should also offer as fbx, obj, lwo and mb as well to maximise your userbase…
Cars, office furniture an plants are the usual big sellers… the more fun and original your model is to make then the smaller the market for it. Sad but true, pretty much no one will by a .blend!

You also need a high volume of models… to do this and try and earn from it I’d start with 25 at least and aim to have a couple of hundred made over a year. Only some of them will sell! so the more you make and sell the more you get a feel for what people want…

in other words trying to monetise model making and selling online is very very tough… and a huge amount of work. (it’s much easier to set up a model repository and offer other people’s work for sale and skim 50% commission of sales for you advertising, database setup and hosting costs IMO!

I’d say it’s much easier to try and get work at an actual company like everyone is suggesting… or from doing something else entirely than it is to earn this way!

@michaelw wich sites do you recommend? I want to get into this stuff as well as a summer-job(I’m 14)

Maybe i shud stick only to selling models online for now.

Don’t bother. I make good money every month, but I’ve wasted years of my life getting that going…it’s worth the effort, but it requires a lot of effort. I have 1000 products for sale, so it’s unusual if I go 2 days without a sale. Working on making it normal for several sales a day. Trust me - it’s a numbers game. Go get a normal job. Easier. Do blender in your spare time and make a goal to publish 2 models per week - 100 per year. Somedays I publish 10, then screw off for 3 months.

Ok thanxx everybody, ill keep all this in mind :slight_smile:

Going to work for advertising agencies or graphic design firms as a freelancer is a good way to go. Freelance you can make between $60 and $100 an hour. A lot of agencies and firms prefer freelancers (it’s cheaper for them to work with freelancers than to keep someone on staff).

hmm… interesting idea.I can work on a nice portfolio for 6 months and freelance for next 6.
I think this would be a better idea.
thank you very much. :slight_smile:

The best thing for you and the future is to GET NOTICED. show your work.

Yup 100% true. Ill start posting my works in variour forums from now. :slight_smile: