best way to learn blender?

im new to 3d modeling and i want to learn but i suck. i never know what to do to get the results i want. i watched some tutorials on modeling, but it only helps a little. And what would be some objects to model that would be good for a noob like me?

I am a noob also. I watched a lot of tutorials. I highly recommend Jason Welsh. He has a great way of teaching that helps you learn why you are doing something, rather than just copy a tutorial. He has a youtube channel - Cannedmushrooms (no spaces) or you can go on his website or order a CD. Also check out

To be honest I shouldn’t be giving any advice on what to model, but I started with basic inorganic things like tables, chairs, etc… They are easier because all corners are set and you can visualize (or compare) what you are modeling to something in your house right in front of you.

From there I stepped up to what I’m working on right now - an airship. There are so many complex parts and I am just taking it a piece at a time. Once I get all the pieces done, I will put them in the same scene.

I hope I helpedf

Hey there ,
I am also some what new to 3d modeling but I already have a half year of experience.When I started modeling I relay could not find any real beginners tutorials…somehow I think no one has relay made them:(.
How I started was by doing real simple stuff like a book,wine glass,etz.,then when I was stuck or my model looked somehow wrong I went on the Internet and looked for tutorial just for my problem I had ,e.g. I did not know how to make a good looking glass so then I just searched for a video tutorial.If you watch tutorials make sure that you follow every step exactly (for the beginning);then when you have finished the tutorial and have copied it step by step,start experimenting with the model/settings for better learning and understanding.
And if you relay don’t find any tutorial then just ask on this forum and you will most certainly get an answer.
This is what I did and it worked fine for me…I hope it also works for you:)

P.S. One site I can relay recommend highly:

A really good thing to do is to try:

It was made for drawing, but just doodling each subject every day and working on it for at least an hour, you will be better than you know in no time :slight_smile:

thanks, but is modeling supposed to make my cpu high? even when im modeling with very low poly objects it goes up high. i know its off topic but i dont want to make another topic.

That all depends on your workstation. I am running on a:

Dell XPS 8100
Intel® Core™ i5 @3.20GHz
8 gigs of ram and a tera of memory.
I can easily sculpt at up to 2,000,000 triangles without a hiccup xD

What really matters is your RAM, how much do you have?

2.00 gb of ram.

Than you probably aren’t gonna run to quick :confused: But don’t give up! Test the limits of your computer and know what you can and cannot do… if possible, upgrade the RAM if you can;)

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