Best Way To Make A FPS.

ok, so my one game is going really good (Death-Caverns) but my one friend gave me this awesome idea to alter the storyline, make it less Fantasy and more ancient rome [with guns]. So the new game is Death Temple. It’s going to be a roman game. But it’s a FPS. But I need some advice on making a FPS. ok, How does most people moden FPS’s. Do you just model Arms? do you model the whole body then just have the camera focusing on the hands or what. Your never going to see the charecter, so I found it pointless to model the whole body. Also I never made any Games with “Guns” usually their just swords. So how do you go about making a gunshot? I was going to just make the bullet a material and make a collision detect and an animation for the bullet so when it hits the enemy they die. So that’s how i’m planning on doing it. Is their a Better/Faster way of doing this?

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well gee thanks for the support :frowning: here’s an aly that will be in the game.

And I don’t even doubt he’s meaning it ironically.

It’s a death end to change the storyline of your game, and even it’s whole principle IMHO.

Also FPS are just so standard…

to model the whole character seams a bit unnecesary. That is more common in modern game, but I don’t think you would benefit from it.

There are a lot of info on FPSs out there, search.

And remember, plan things ahead! elaborately. Make sure you believe in the idea. So you won’t change your mind easy.

Please, please do a search of the forums and stickies, and the entire internet, because these questions have been answered so many times before. It’s a waste of our time when we have to make long responses, whereas you could take 5 minutes to search, get a better answer, and spare us a ton of busy work. Normally Social would tear into you for asking questions like this, but it’s my guess that he’s just tired of answering the same questions over and over. I’m headed that route as well, and i haven’t even been here as long as he has. So please, do a little of your own research. Keep in mind, I’m not trying to be mean, and, unlike Social, I don’t want you to leave the forums. I would rather see you stay and achieve great success with the Engine. But you need to be considerate of the rest of us, and so far, what you’ve shown has hasn’t approached that.

How do I make games? A Path to Game Development
by Geoff Howland


When I talk to people looking to get into game development some of the first things I often hear fall along the lines of, “How do I make games?” or “I want to make a game like Quake/Everquest/Starcraft and…”. The first is just way out of the realm of answerability, as there are too many aspects to possibly go into, and each of those components can be infinitely complex.

The second, however, falls into just being unrealistic in expectations. Starcraft, Everquest and Quake were all made by teams of professionals who had budgets usually million dollar plus. More importantly though, all of these games were made by people with a lot of experience at making games. They did not just decide to make games and turned out mega-hit games, they started out small and worked their way up. This is the point that anyone who is interested in getting into game development needs to understand and repeat, repeat, repeat until it becomes such a part of your mindset that you couldn’t possibly understand life without this self evident, universal truth.

Until you understand that all skills in game development are learned by experience, (meaning to start very small and working your way up) you will be absolutely doomed to never finish your projects. Even the infinitesimal number of teams that do manage to finish a non-trivial project before they have made any smaller ones have to learn incrementally, it just takes them many times longer than if they had started out with smaller projects.

-This guy is an expert, so dont think its just us trying to be mean again.

@Sim88: I really believe in this storyline of the game. My one friend promised to help me with the game [he’s been using blender for 6 years, he’s 20] So he said this idea is no more out of reach then Death Caverns. He just said it would be cool to make a FPS since i never attempted it. Maybe this project will be a flop. But theirs greater sence in trying and failing, then never trying at all. And who know’s at least i’ll learn something, like how to go about making FPS’s.

@Enriq: I’ll read that and go over that, hope it helps!.

Hey, I was the first person to say that.

Ugh…What are you getting yourself into ( putting my hand on my forehead and sighing)

Garet: no where in my post did I insinuate that you’d fail, I fact I hope you have success. But my point is, you’re handing all your work off onto the community, and it isn’t fair to anyone. So please, before posting a topic like this, that has been answered so many times before, please do your own research.

interesting…er…design. You may want to consider making your model a bit less…how shall I put this?..male-dream-girl-y. She looks kind of absurd. Since your game takes place in Rome, why not make her look Roman instead of this sex-goddess-of-the-far-future look?

To make an FPS you’re going to need some Python scripts for mouse control. They’re nothing complicated though.

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