Best way to model a Duvet?

Im just wondering what the best method of modelling a duvet would be?

I know there us a method you can use which works well for pillows, but I don’t think it would be as affective for a duvet.

Im guessing the cloth simulation would be used at some point?

Thanks as always


Softbodies could be useful.

Try modeling your duvet as a series of long pillows attached at the edges.

can you show a pic of what you need !


Sure…just want to know the best way to get it to sit right, and to get some good wrinkles etc…

it does not have the losange shape on that one !

you could also use a curve deform on 2 axis
or even try the shrinkwrap modifier

mind you with softbodies or the new dynamic feature it might do it also!

here is example with cloth sim

clothsimul1.blend (655 KB)

just dop Altr-A to run it
play with subdivision and parameters

happy bl

Im not one to quickly point to another software but for cloth sim you should really try marvelous designer. They have a free 15 day trial. Check out on youtube what some people do with this. For realistic cloth this is unbeatable.

Hi @Magnavis this post is very old, but i saw u are still active. Did you found a good way, i have the same Problem right now?