Best Way to Texture Cubes

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I’m trying to texture attached models with tiles. My models are always multiples of Blender’s unit cubes. I want to texture these models with some tiled textures. I attached a photo and i have done these with texture brush + 3D option on Texture → Mapping under Active Tool settings. But when i do that i can’t apply same texture to the sides of the models. I think there must be a better way to texture these models since they are simple cube shaped objects. Any idea how could i accomplish that?

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Why not use shader nodes? Plug the tiled texture into a BSDF of your choice- boom, done :slight_smile:

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Well, it can be done in many-many of ways :slight_smile:

The first one: you can simply create a new material and assign it to one of your faces. Probably the easiest way for this, especially if you new in Blender.

The second one (and, if you also want to apply an image texture, not just a color) — is to use an UV mapping.

The third one is to use the Texture Painting along with UV mapping. It is also very useful thing.

Note: if made your cube by using an Array/Mirror modifier, first, you need to apply modifier. Otherwise, you cannot apply a new material to the sides of your model.

You can find more about those methods and how to use them on YouTube.

So, as you see, this can be done in many of ways, based on your skills and knowledge.

Hope it helps you!


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:thinking: … and you did UV unwrapped your model ?? Since then you could use one texture with the light blue on darker blue and the white framed blue and the orange (and any additional one) in one texture and just move the UV’s accordingly .

Or use different materials on the faces (but also have to eb UV unwrapped…)…

Thanks everyone. Actually i already UV unwrapped my model but i want to quickly attach same tiles for the faces. After unwrapping switching to Photoshop(or similar) is not a quick option for me ( Maybe i’m lazy :smiley: ). Placing tiles on exact face positions on photoshop etc. is way too much work, because i will make lots of same structured models.

Attaching different materials also is not an option because i have to export as single texture because i won’t render on Blender. I will render on my own game engine with a single texture.

Quickest method i found for now is on Texture Painting mode, using single tile texture as brush and using 3D option on mapping section. I attached the screenshot

Why not inset the faces? Or if you want 9 squares per side, subdivide twice then inset all the faces.
Inset will need to be set to individual faces - in the tool settings if you use the inset tool, or press i again to inset if you use the inset hotkey - i.
Add a second material before doing this and in the shader panel click assign after insetting. This not only lets you add different colors, but you can use the material to select regions.
You can bake this out to a texture later if wanted for your game. If you are only using flat colors you can put all the colors on one image texture (in blender, photoshop etc) and scale all the faces down to fit.
No one told you to use photoshop. Go into edit mode select all the faces and do a UV Unwrap > Reset. Now all the faces are laid over each other so all the sides get the same pattern. Or do this with the different materials on inset faces… Then select all and scale then move to a square of color.
Take the time to learn the UVUnwrap options & selection methods like Select Menu > Select Similar. The tools you need are there.

Good luck

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IDK… left multiple materials, partially with texture; right one material and multi/unified texture map…

Every tile is exactly on the square…

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Thank you so much, it’s a bit more clear now. I’m not using shader editor because i’m not rendering on Blender. So i don’t know options on there, but looks like i need to learn on that part too.

Am I asking too much if I want the .blend file? So i could investigate your method.

Another problem for me is that, i’m using uvs to generate lightmaps. So uvs must be laid out as single items in uv map because faces can’t share same uvs when i create lightmap. Is there a way to assign different uv maps to different materials? I couldn’t find any option for that

Hello, I attached the file below of my example of how I see this. It’s all done just by making new materials & adding them to the faces. You can check it out:

example.blend (142.5 KB)

If I didn’t quite understand you - sorry in advance.

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No problem (because you are lucky and i didn’t delete the file yet… this has both and the image packed:
cubicThingis_pakced.blend (151.5 KB)

In other models also often some simple color material is indeed a UV map onto some pixels…

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Thank you so much