Best way to transport an asset library around?

I’ve had nothing but trouble with my recent attempt to do work in two different locations using Google Drive and a USB HDD to transport and sync my project. Files don’t pack if they’re merely linked and there’s no Adobe-style “collect footage” function to build a project folder from everything currently used by the file.

The next time I do this I want to do it in a way that Blender understands.

What would be the best way to approach the building of an asset library (of textures, objects to link to, and scene files) with the understanding that it will be seeing a lot of transport?

If it can, Blender uses relative paths… so your best bet is to make sure all your linked assets are fairly close in terms of file structure… If you have one folder for your project, and have all your scenes in a folder within that, and have all your assets in another folder within that, you should be able to move the whole file scructure around, and have everything still work.

This does mean that before linking everything, it’s good to save your blender file, so Blender has a local path to link to…there’s also the “Make all paths relative” option in the file menu.