Best workflow for accurate ragdolls in Blender Game Engine..

Hi Blender gurus!

I would like to setup an accurate ragdoll for a skinned mesh character I imported from DAZ3D.

What is the best workflow to take a fully rigged skinned character and generate the accurate colliders and setup the rigid body joints to make a convincing ragdoll in Blender Game Engine?

I have researched this for a while and currently BRIK (Blender Ragdoll Implementation Kit) seem to offer very nice features but would still require an extensive amount of time to generate quality colliders.

Any hint on ‘best practice’ to get a good ragdoll running in BGE?

Thanks for any hint you can offer!!


Well at the moment BRIK is the only way to be able to spawn your ragdoll as a group. Also it puts the joints at the exact positions of the armature joints. I don’t think there is any more easy way to generate the collider objects than BRIK either. It uses the armature B-bone shapes as starting point. Not sure how you could automate that much furter…

BRIK even takes the rotation limits from any IK chains you put up ;). Be sure to check the patch I made for it since it adds some functionality. Only the undo button is now broken…

So as a best practice, first set up your armature B-bone shape and joint limits. Save your .blend file, and then press the buttons in BRIK to create your ragdoll.

Hi Wraaah,

Thanks for taking the time to answer.

BRIK indeed looks promising and appear to save a lot of work. I’ll be downloading BRIK and carefully study its samples and documentation and report on what I find shortly.

Thanks again!


Hi Wraaah,

If i might say, your own work on leveraging the physics engine to animate a character is awesome!

I’ll be studying that like crazy for a while… Complex implementation! Hope I can understand how that works!