Best workflow for model asset libary? How to create preview files?

Hi, im building an asset library for my models…For this, I need to have the model (obviously) but also a render of the model (jpg) so my model manager addon can show me a preview of the file.

I want the previews to look like this

So my questions are:

How is this done? The model needs to in a ‘clean’ blend file, so I can import just the model (without the lighting and studio setting and such)… So how are these preview files made?

Is there one studio settings blender file…in which they import the model, then render it just for the preview? Or can all this be done in 1 blend file?

Im just looking for the best way to automate building my asset library.

Second question; how do they create these previews (from the example? ) Its very global and flat lighting, and the studio background/setting seems to be infinite? Is it just a white plane with a camera view side/top ways?

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Heya, chocofur has an article about studio rendering ( I think it just an application on it.

For an asset library, I would make a studio scene then import my model for having a constant rendering setup around the whole thing.

Ill check it out, thanks!

so yeah thats what I thought… a seperate studio scene template to render the model…and then the model itself as a clean blend file for usage in the asset manager… right