Best Workflow For My Game Character

Hello, I’m a newbie with game asset development so I’m learning as I go. I’ve already finished creating my realistic naked character with clean topology and rigged it (I’ll be deleting the character under the clothes eventually to lower the poly count). Now I’m working on my characters shirt. I finished creating the shirt with clean topology and I’m ready to start sculpting realistic creases with the multiresolution modifer, but this is where I’m stuck.

My realistic shirt has 1936 vertices and I’d like to keep it at that or lower it later hopefully. I know the multiresolution modifer will increase the polygon count in my shirt for the purpose of sculpting at a higher resolution. I read in another thread here that this higher resolution sculpt can then be baked out as a normal map, then applied to my shirt mesh as a texture without increasing the actual number of vertices my shirt mesh has. Am I understanding this correctly?

If my understanding is correct and I go this route, at what point along the way would I need to uv unwrap my mesh and apply my fabric shaders for the shirt? Are there any tutorials anyone recommends on a good workflow for creating realistic game characters based on where I am in the process now?

Thanks in advance