Best/Worst Fourm

What is the best forum you have ever been able to take part in? Reasons can include activeness of users, threads, and the user base as a whole (ie, kindess, knowledge of topics, and the deepness of posts). Or whatever else you think you should include. :stuck_out_tongue:

worst forum? my old mechwarrior clan forum. best forum? cgtalk, elysiun and mektek.

Worst forum? This one, by far. I mean, all these power hungry admins and mods patrolling 'round the clock… Especially that theeth guy… Man, he’s an ass… He thinks he’s so good… If he were here right now, why, I’d… Ah… Grr…

Got to hand it to him, with all the work he also contribute toward blender, he’s very active.

hmm? do what jeeves? lol

The best forum I know of is CGtalk. The worst forum I know of is the Homeworld 2 clan’s forum I once belonged to (I forget the name of the clan… don’t worry you arn’t missing out)

Clan forums = bad.

Art forums = good.

nuf said.


I was going to say the exact same thing. Not active at mektek anymore but they were awesome.

Oh, never been a part of cgtalk though.

I’m not going to go to gctalk… it seems like “the big city”… and elysiun is my hometown :stuck_out_tongue: .

cgtalk seems too big to be friendly. It only is if you take part in a smaller part of the forum, like the daily sketch forum. All those guys seems to know each other and have fun…I wish I could draw and participate :stuck_out_tongue:

elysiun is/was the best imo…not that I’ve taken part in many forum…but it was pretty good back when blender was less popular. Now there are some people abusing their right of posting, and with each release I feel it’s worst and worst.

by 2.42, I bet there will be another big ban. From a couple of people that already joined, some already piss me out just because I can read the stupidity they’re writing in the forum -_-


elysiun is awesome…

The free IGN boards are overrun by Satan and little teenage brats. I’ve ranted about them on here before. Guh! The Insider boards aren’t nearly as bad (I used to post on the GameCube Community board all the time), but my Insider subscription ran out in 2002 and I never renewed.

I visit SpinQuad (a LightWave forum similar to elYsiun in terms of community friendliness) from time to time. It’s pretty good.

I have registered at CGtalk, but I’ve never posted there. elYsiun is just so much more comfortable.