Betta Fish

Hi everyone,

I’m both new to the forums and Blender/3d in general.

Anyways, I’ve got most of the functionality of the program down and understood, so now I’m concentrating on modelling methodoligy and could use a little help.

This is a wip of a Betta fish I’ve been working on. Its actually the second incarnation, as the first ended up with way to many 3 sided polygons which really made subd modelling a joy.

I’m trying to keep it down to mostly quads.

Now here is my confusion. I’ve only recently stumbled upon the concept of optimizing topoligy and organizing faceloops. I still have no clue what methods work best for this. I’m not even sure if I should try to organize the faces in a better way at this point.

However, the problem I’m having is that I dont know how to get enough detail into the eye region. (ignore the black eyeball, its temporary). I want to give the eye socket some form, but I cant see a way of adding such detail without adding unnecessary faceloops all over the place or a bunch of triangular faces.

Here are a couple of ortho shots to get a better idea of the face region.

So can anyone help me to understand a better way of doing this? Are triangular faces really that bad for subd’s in Blender?

Any help or nudges in the right direction would be greatly appreciated. :slight_smile:

Triangles are bad for subd anywhere , because they don’t have as equal weights as rectangles.

i dont get it…what’s the big idea? my images usually look like one soup of mess…it doesnt really make it worse…

one possible way for you to produce a socket for the eye is extrusion modelling… you can select the vertices around the eye (always select in quads) and extrude. The good thing about this is that you can extrude “out” into space, or you can extrude to create a hollow in the fish - this can be your eye socket. When I model, I personally start with the eye, and build up from around there; it gives a clearer starting point and results in better edge loops (for me anyway) . Hope that helps :slight_smile:

I made a small example how to add a detailed spot in a mesh, once with tris and once with quads, and how it looks with 2x subsurf:
blend file

Is there a way to constrain this to the normal of a plane (or the average normal of a group of planes) like in wings? XYZ, yes, but normal?

Hey, thanks a bunch everyone.

vaibhav, thats a good idea. I’ll give it a try.

Weldertier, that is most definately very helpful. Thanks! :slight_smile:

mzungu, you can use ALT+S to move the selected vertices along their normals. This is not exactly what you described, but gives a similar result when used after extruding.

mzungu, i think theres a script that does that. im not sure, though.

EDIT: i found it, but its kinda old. and im too lazy to test it.