Better compositing help

I just made this render of a planet exploding based on a tutorial by tutor4u and I wanted to know how other people would have set up the composting, lighting, and camera setup. I’m still fairly new to blender so this isn’t the greatest render out there; I want to know how I can improve my overall render with better lighting, compositing and camera setup. I added the final render, an image of my compositing, and a link to the blender file below if you wanted to edit it.


The lighting is good. I think the one thing that needs the most improvement is the way in which it’s fracturing. It’s breaking apart the way I’d expect a coffee cup to break, not a planet. Imagine burying a stick of dynamite several feet underground and detonating it. I think that’s more like I’d expect it to look.

Steve S

Yeah, I thought the fracturing was the worst part about the entire render; but it took so long to create the fracture, that I didn’'t really want to spend another hour or so re fracturing it. But, now that I think about it, I’m not really sure how to fracture it so that it looks like an actual explosion. Would I need to create several fractures/points of fractures with the grease pencil, or just create a grease pencil line along the equator of the planet? …I would try experimenting on it, if it didn’t take a really long time fracturing…Damn you, AMD graphics card :P…