Better iPod 4

Worked on my previous one thanks to the helpful comments on it! Plan on adding some bump mapping to the background.

Please give constructive criticism!

Looks very realistic. What’s up with that button? Why is half of it not showing up?

Overall modelling is fine. There is a reflection on phone itself, but there is no reflection on the wood. It would be perfect to add some reflection there.

I don’t really know, it is an image texture, and looks fine until the lighting is put on it.

The screen isn’t facing towards the wood, why would there be a reflection? There is a wood reflection on around the bottom and left edges.

Is there a way to light the scene without the iPod reflection the plane that I used for lighting? I want to use an hdri image for my reflections.

if you select your plane, and go to the Object Data panel, scroll down to ray viability, and un-check camera…the plane won’t be visible to the camera, but will still emit the light :slight_smile:

Awesome, thanks!!!

EDIT: It’s not working for me. The plane being visible isn’t a problem, it’s the reflection it puts on the iPod.

what emission values have you given the plane? show us a screen shot maybe?

I have the emission on 10.000. And you can see the reflection in the original photo posted.

Here is a screenshot, I turned materials on and enlarged the emission settings so you can see everything better.

if you want a reflection on the screen which cuts across it, you need to make the plane visible to the camera again…that way you can position it to cut across the screen…if thats what you’re going for anyway

No, I was saying I want 0 reflection and just brightness. Anyway I fixed the problem now, will be putting up the finished product soon.

Actually I won’t be putting it up soon, the problems are flying at me and I can’t fix them without playing around with each one for hours.

open a wip thread? that way you can post all of your problems and people can help you fix them :slight_smile:

Alright, thanks for the idea!