Better Wacom support for Blender 2.5?

I was wondering if Blender 2.5 will have better Wacom mode?

I like to use left mouse button, but it disables alternate 3 mouse mode. So, I cannot use Alt-LMB to rotate, etc.

The way I like to navigate would be exactly like Sculpt mode, but in edit mode.

You can set what you like in teh keymap… this is nothing to do with wacom support…

That may not be quite true. The tablet code can be a little wonky, as I’ve recently had cause to note. CG_Tiger, you might want to keep an eye on this problem in 2.5. At some point in the not-too-distant future, I expect we’ll be opening up a bugtracker for 2.5, at which point you could file this problem (if it is still a problem at that time.)

I’m sure there are plenty of wacom issues… I just meant that this isn’t one of them.

Right now it is impossible to use left mouse select AND emulate middle mouse with ANY input device…(laptop touchpad, 2 buttton mouse, trackball… whatever… (probably because you can’t do a loop select with that configuration…)

that’s why when Letterip first patched 2.5 to allow a tablet friendly keymap it was rejected.
Now that you can create your own keymap you CAN set the config to act as you want… (I’ve done it)… unfortunatly though, 2.5 won’t let you save the keymap yet…

double click for loop select would be my ideal here… but you cannot map double clicks in blender keymaps…

Things have to work from start,without the user have to configure nothing,I completely agree with
CG_Tiger,wacom support could be better(tilt isn’t used,it could)
It’s a really strange behaviour wanting to attract people with a new interface but for simple stuff like wacom pen having to tweak to make it work in an acceptable way.
Every programs I have used in my life don’t need configuration for the tablet,blender should be in the same way(btw,thanks for the coders for supporting again the alt emulation,it works much better now)

I do not exactly agree… In my 18+ years of Wacom experience I have encountered loads of applications that needed extra configuration or plainly would not work at all or with caveats (one of the reasons why I quit using Messiah:Animate on a dual screen setup). Have you tried to use Cinema4D without changing settings when using a tablet? You’re in for a surprise - the view goes crazy. The problem with most programs is that one cannot change the basic settings in combination with a tablet - Blender 2.5 will provide in this, which is great in my opinion.

As long as a user can choose his/her own individual settings in Blender 2.5, it’s fine. One user’s preference may not be another’s. Who is to say which control method works best? Very much an individual’s preference. What works for you may not work for me. I couldn’t care less about whether an application delivers a default Wacom control scheme if I cannot customize it to my liking. And don’t forget: even Wacom’s control panel gives you so many options to change stuff. For example, I hate working in ‘mouse’ mode, while other people I know swear by it.

No, I am afraid it is a bit naive to expect every program to work without a hitch with a tablet. There are too many variables.

I have to say, though, that I love 3d-Coat’s tablet control scheme - click in empty space: rotate view. Click on object: sculpt. Mix this with the modifier key control, and it’s bliss. No needlessly pressing of keys and very fast. I would really like to have an option where one can just click in empty space to control the rotation of a view pane in 2.5.

And yes, I do agree with everyone that the <alt> key should work regardless of whether one selects to emulate a three mouse button or not.

tablet support should be improved/fixed irrespective of blender 2.5, the part of ghost where this is supported isnt any different in 2.4 to 2.5 so this is normal development/fixing.