Betty Bang Bang (Kathy Klak Klak)

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This is cool, did you planned to make the rest ?

Working on it right now. :slight_smile: Glad you dig it.

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Flash hider, barrel and front sight gas block.


Added barrel nut, delta ring, gas tube and handguard cap

If you made this weapon with the same quality, it should be a really good model of M4/M16 :yes: !

Last one for the night.
Lower hand guard just about wrapped up.

Lower hand guard and heat shield completed.
Barrel extension and chamber added.

Hand guard completed.
Now to tackle the upper receiver.

Took a break from modeling to start working on the materials.
That’s all for today. Tomorrow I’ll start the receivers.

A few more small details (forward assist and dust cover) to take care of and the upper receiver will be finished.

Wish I was capable of this kinda accuracy. Good stuff.

Aosfilms, thanks for the kind words. Just keep at it and you’ll get there. Lots of good stuff around the net to help you along.

Forward assist and dust cover assemblies in, take down pin mounts in and receiver is treaded.
Call this part complete. Next up, charging handle and bolt carrier assembly.

Went back and reworked a few areas of the hand guard, much happier with it now.

Finally finished with the upper.

And with the upper completed I am back to figuring out materials.

Last one for the night. Still not thrilled with the materials but they are getting closer.

For hoots and hollers I gave the toon shader a run this morning.
Kind of cool. I am thinking a blue print of the completed rifle would be really nice.
Can any of you that do blue printing point me in the right direction?

I’ve never done a blueprint render. But if you use freestyle with white lines and place it on a blueprint background it should work. Lots of detail on this, well done.

Thanks Monk, I’ll give that a go.

Looks really good! Love the level of detail.