Bevel Center on Suzanne crashes Blender

When I to try apply the Bevel Center script to Suzanne, Blender crashes with the error: Segmentation fault. Would anyone else happen to have the same problem?

  • Start with a fresh scene and replace the cube with Suzanne.
  • Apply Bevel Center with the default settings.

It only seems to crash as soon as you enter Edit mode. I know it’s a very unusual operation, but maybe it could be some bug of Blender with weird meshes?

I’m using these versions:
Blender 2.41
Python 2.4.2

Tested it with 2.40 and 2.41 and Blender crashed.
Tested it with 2.37 and Bevel Center worked OK.

Thanks for the confirmation. So, is this bug-tracker material?

May be a bug, perhaps in the python script. There has been some changes to the BPy-API since 2.40.

No problem with the new version of this script posted last week on forum :

But an error with the bundle script :

Traceback (most recent call last):
File “<string>”, line 349, in bevent
File “<string>”, line 381, in bevel
File “<string>”, line 118, in make_faces
File “<string>”, line 88, in get_v
File “<string>”, line 63, in make_sel_vert
NameError: global name ‘v’ is not defined

It crashes for me too with the version you posted. I tried comparing the files and I couldn’t find any differences. Didn’t LetterRip update the bundled script for 2.41?

The error you got with the bundled script is caused by a small typo on line 62:
(It says “vi” instead of “v”.)

Even if there was something wrong with the script, still Blender shouldn’t crash on a mutilated mesh?

Something else:

  • Start with a fresh scene and add a plane. Extrude one of the edges so that the mesh will have 6 vertices.
  • Run the following script (from the 2.41 API manual, cambo’s site) in Object mode:
import Blender
from Blender import Mesh

me = Mesh.Get("Plane")          # get the mesh data called "Plane"
v = me.verts                    # get vertices
if len(v) &gt;= 6:                 # if there are enough vertices...
  me.faces.extend(v[1],v[2],v[3]) #   add a single edge
  me.faces.extend(l)            #   add another face
  • Enter Edit mode. Wham! Segmentation fault! :o

With the correct variable name blender does not crash under win xp pro and
the script works perfectly .

Same problem under Win XP .