Bevel Center Updated


Here is an updated version of my script Bevel Center for blender 2.40.

Changelog :
- You can now use edges/faces/vertices selections mode
- Better behaviour when selecting edges at the border of the mesh

Usage :
- Select the faces/edges/vertices you want to bevel
- Click on “Bevel”
- Adjust the slider
- To finish, you can click on the “Recursive” button if you want to smooth the result.

Hey man welcome to elysiun and great script!

I was really stuck with the built in blender bevel cause I wanted to bevel only 1 edge now your script made it possible. Many thanks.


Why don’t you just grab those verts and extrude once, move them up and scale them in size. Doesn’t that accomplish the same thing?

Excellent and useful script. I hope I see this included to the official build and perhaps integrated to Blender (in c) like we got normal bevel now. That would be great.

@ reaper : you can do stuff like chamfer edges with it.

i’m running a modded version of your script for ages :stuck_out_tongue:

FR: port to native blender code and a permanent place in mesh tools.

updating the script in CVS…

I just discovered the bevel_center script in the scripts menu. I coudl kick myself for not checking it out sooner. I have wanted something to just bevel on edge for years.


When beveling a selected edge, this script has problems when the recursion is greater than 3. (It might have problems at lower levels, but recursion set to 4 is where is starts to have problems on a standard cube)

You end up with overlaping faces, “bowtie” faces, small holes, etc.

Maybe this is a known problem and manual cleanup is to be expected…