Bevel edges working weirdly

I’m getting a lot of help from this forum which I love it.
But I’m facing a new problem with my tutorial, so asking again.

I’m trying to bevel the edges after boolean modifier, but it won’t work only on the round edges as I wanted to. It works with that other connected edge and twists it like the image above.

In the tutorial video that connected edges are there as well, but it didn’t have a problem.

What should I do with it?

Well, I solved it!

I will leave it to review what I did, and perhaps someone can tell me it was the right or wrong way.

So first I tried to start from the beginning, and hoping that this time can work properly. And it turns out having a same problem.

After googling for an hour figured that I had two vertices because of the other bevel that I did previously. When I select that vertices it shows white dot as well with the selected vertices. So I selected both with the border select and Mesh > Clean Up > Merge by Distance worked and delete the doubled vertices.

Finally after that I could get the proper bevel on it.

Hope this was right!