Bevel Modifier - Mark Seams and Mark Sharp options

Hi guys,

What does Mark Seams and Mark Sharp options mean? I read from the manual, and make some tests, but I was unable to understand how this two things work.

Thanks in advance

Mark seams tells the UV unwrapper which edges are to be separated when uwrapping, like the seams in your shirt. If you cut the seams in your shirt and flatten it out, there’s the UV map for your shirt.

Mark sharp tells OpenGL and other rendering methods which edges to not smooth, or in other words, to keep sharp. So using autosmooth on an object will smooth out the surface, except the edges that are marked to be sharp.

Thanks, ajm, but I think I wasn´t clear in my question. My doubt is about Mark Seams and Mark Sharp inside Bevel Modifier.

Ahhh. Good question. Supposed to do the same as noted above, but I can’t get it to do anything special. I take that back. I marked an edge to have a seam, then added the bevel modifier to the object, then applied the bevel modifier and then the two loops on either side of the one I marked were marked as seams and the original one was not.

Original loop marked

After bevel applied with mark seams checked

Thanks, man! So, these options take in account apply the modifier. I make another test here, and I noticed that with options on, the final result includes seams and sharp marks on new bevel edges.