Bevel Objects - HELP!

I need some serious help.

I am trying to make a railroad. As shown in this tutorial:

I was going fine until I came across this question:

The rails will be creating by applying a bevel object to the path. In front view, create a shape for a rail - something like this:

Scale the shape down, and duplicate it. Join the curves together by selecting them both, and pressing CTRL-J.

In the bottom-right of the screen, you can read the object’s name. It’s probably something like OB:Curve.001 (it is for me, anyway). Now select the main path, go to the edit buttons screen and enter the object name you just found in the BevObj: field.

I don’t know what I am supposed to do. :frowning:

Does anyone else?

Am I supposed to make a shape, out of a plane, curve or something else?

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Thanks :smiley:


bev ob is when you create 2 curves, and type the name of one of the curves into the ‘bev ob’ field ( in edit buttons ) of the other one, and the one becomes the skin for the other.

Okay, I checked out the link you gave me, and I experimented with curves for awhile.

Then i realised that there were no straight line curves, they are all rounded.

But if this is true, then how do I make the shape shown?

you can make them straight by selecting the bezier handles in edit mode, and scaling them using the s key. the smaller you make them, the sharper the falloff will be.

Huh? :o

Select the curve handle and press [v].

Okay, thankyou for your help.

But I have a new problem now.

I managed to dupliframe the traintrack binder things look like this |-|.

Anyway, then I made the posts that look like archs above the track.

Then when I pressed, dupliframe, it doesn’t copy them onto the track, like it did with the track binder things. :frowning:

Anyone know why? :-?