Bevel on a extruded curve?

Hello guys,
first: im completely new to blender and just started to work with it to make a logo I need.
I have already looked around the net etc. for hours and hours to get used to some basics and finally created a 2d-curve (beziercurve) in vectormode (so that I can only draw straight lines, not really a curve :stuck_out_tongue: ).
I managed to made that “thing”, get a texture and some effects on it and I extruded it, so now it is a 3d-model. I didnt convert it to a mesh. When I do the bevel thing doesnt really work for me at all. When i activate the bevel right where I extruded the curve it makes a bevel in the way I want but there is 1 thing I cant fix…
When I use the bevel, its like ehm… the original part gets pushed up and under it I get a bigger version of it so I got the bevel, instead of building the bevel on top of it?
How can I avoid that, as it destroy the logo.
Here are 2 pics to show you what I mean:
The only thing I did between the 2 pics is, that I opened the “curve-section” on the right called “object data” and set the value of the bevel from 0 to about 0.4
As you can see the spaces between the single parts of the logo are now closed :confused:

Greets, Sid

Use offset next to bevel field to shrink it back down.

Ohh thank you! =)
I tried it but seems like I just overdid the values so it looked just weird °-°