Bevel problem with complex mesh

I’m new to Blender and 3D. I’m trying to get a good bevel but it looks bad,
is there any way to fix it?


That’s one of the things with computers… when it works like expected, then everything is great… But sometimes, you just have to spend a little time doing clean up work.

That said, perhaps you could do without some of those inner rings? That would help make part of your mesh less dense and could give you some extra room for that bevel.

gradyp is correct. It appears you have created this object using booleans. Booleans, while useful, tend to create bad topology, which won’t work well with other modeling operations. The resolution in the top (cap) portion of your model is preventing the bevel from working correctly. The beveled edges are running into other edges in the top cap of the model, and causing vertex spikes. You can try different bevel amount types, like percent, width, and so on. However, I don’t think there’s a way to circumvent this problem without fixing the topology. I’d suggest modeling the object from scratch, using more logical techniques. You can try creating a curve in the shape of the outline of the object, then extruding it, and using the grid fill to fill in the open ends. This would, in theory, provide a much better topological surface to work with, and apply additional modeling funcitons.

It’s also the problem with BEVEL MODIFIER. I had a peek at source code and changed it - i roughly remember that it is caused by EQUALIZING after bevel that executes well. In other words it’s a bug