Bevel problem


I wanted make here bevel

But it works incorrectly

Then i apply scale and get this

I scaled my object to my wanted result, but it didn’t help

Are there any thoughts about how to make bevel and scale it correctly?

There are modifiers, but that problem unlikely is concerns with them


Change object size through dimensions(right menu(N)) it’ll improve results

You have some rather large ngons that could be part of the problem. Try adding some edges to support the bevel.


The object seems to be parented to something.
I’m not sure, but I imagine if Parent has a non-uniform scale it might affect Apply Scale… maybe? :person_shrugging:

Try un-parenting > applying scale > then Bevel.

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yep i tried, but no influence or connection

Topology here, are you sure what i should to connect? Earlier it works (on another similar thing)


Change object size what you want through dimensions(right menu(N)) it’ll improve results