Bevel shader in Eevee

Hi guys,

I guess the Bevel shader isn’t supported yet in Eevee, is it?

Could there maybe be a workaround to get the impression of beveled edges without the need for mesh alteration? A smart node setup or an add-on? That’d be very welcome for renderings.

Thanks in advance for your reply.

In cycles, bake it out as a normal map.

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Thanks, @CarlG. I’ve got close to zero knowledge about baking, so I’ll look into it.

I assume the mesh should have UV coordinates before I could use a baked normal map? I’m afraid that’d be a bit of a hassle, as the mesh topology is a mess.

Yes, you need UV maps to bake normal maps, but a Smart UV project should be enought.

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Thanks. I’ll dive into it.

  1. Select the object, create a new UV channel and make it active. Then create your UV layout in this channel. Pack it to ensure some spacing between islands. Separate channels can be important if you use different UV layouts for different purposes. I.e. AO may have large surfaces that are not occluded at all, so you could minimize their size in the layout. Or normals, where you may have interior normals you don’t need to map at all. Speciality UVs, like painting, labels, or aniso tangents.
  2. In material, create Bevel or Ambient Occlusion input node.
  3. Create an image texture node and connect it to a UV Map where you select the correct channel.
  4. Create a blank image from image texture node, and set it to non color. Consider the repeat option. If you move islands outside of the UV layout with repeat option enabled, this will get its value assigned form a place you don’t control or are aware of - this one has bitten my ass a few times! :stuck_out_tongue:
  5. Go to render tab, bake section. Choose what you want to bake. Make sure you have the image texture node selected, then hit bake. Save the image.
  6. Add a vector/normal map node and plug it in. Switch to Eevee and voila.
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Great, thanks a lot! :+1: