Bevel Tool - Then and Now

Hey guys… I am a beginner, and trying to follow a tutorial on building a spaceship.

It’s all going fine until it comes time to bevel the wing.

The behavior of the bevel with this version (2.64) and the version I am using (2.79) appear to be very different.

So I am wondering…

Have there been significant changes to the bevel tool?

If so… Is there any way I can accomplish this bevel behavior in the video?

Am I just doing this wrong?


You could try changing bevel amount type to percent

When you activate the Bevel tool (Ctrl+B), you will see its options with their corresponding keyboard shortcuts in the status bar beneath the 3D viewport:

“M” is the shortcut to change the bevel mode:
Hit “M” until it says “Mode:Percent”. That should do the trick.


I had no idea bevel had these options.

Blender is like the proverbial iceberg.

I guess I need to hit the books some more.

Blender books are useless and will get outdated soon. Stick to free yt tutorials and ask on forum/google. Good luck on your spaceship